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Maximum duration of the program depends upon the performance of the student in ACCA.

ACCA Modules

You can choose to sit in paper-based exam in March, June, September and December. In order to avail of the Pass Guarantee offered on the ACCA Tuition programme, students must adhere to the following terms and conditions: Management Accounting F2 To develop knowledge and understanding of how to prepare and process basic cost and quantitative information to support management in planning and decision-making in a variety of business contexts.

Promote a strong proposition for accounting technicians globally to further widen access to the profession. A state-of-the-art learning environment with subsidised parking and canteen facilities is available 7 days per week including the 35, sq. Advantages of the application of stare decisis a Consistency — like for like cases will have the same outcomes b Flexibility — new cases, new outcomes, new precedents - so law keeps pace with society c Efficiency — Predictable case outcomes, no unnecessary repetition d Evidence — there is a vast library of cases to refer to Dis-advantages of the application of stare decisis a Uncertainty — there are many ways in which precedents can be avoided reversal etc b Fixity — many outdated laws may remain effective until challenged c Unconstitutional — the judiciary are not elected d Evidence again — this time the vast library of cases may cause confusion.

Though it must be noted that ACCA firms tend to audit smaller and less complex clients. Much of the rationale was good and remains good law Distinguishing — Avoids any precedent as the material facts of two cases are not the same.

If you would like more information about any of our ACCA courses please contact admissions dbs.

ACCA Past Papers – ACCA Past Exams – Questions and Answers

Besides these fees, student has to pay tuition fee and registration fee to the college where he or she enrolls for classes. Upon successful completion of the examinations, student members transfer to Affiliate status.

ACCA is recognized by national accounting institutes with joint scheme relationships in: Continuing Professional Development[ edit ] BeforeContinuing Professional Development CPD was mandatory only for holders of practising certificates and insolvency licences.

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Explain what is meant by case law and precedent. You must visit a nearest college offering ACCA qualification.

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You have full control over the speed of your program. Where full legal or mutual recognition is not available, ACCA members can sometimes obtain advanced standing in terms of sitting local accountancy examinations.

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Highly experienced, motivated award winning lecturers with combined lecturing experience of over years. You can attempt first three papers either as paper-based examination or computer-based exam depending on your choice.

Subject to passing exams in Australian tax and law, ACCA members may obtain the equivalent level of membership from the Institute of Public Accountants. Equity law Common law had faults such as not recognising trusts - so Equity law was created that held fairness as its principle.ACCA Past Papers - ACCA Past Exams - Questions and Answers, Download PDF documents, ACCA Articles and Tests, ACCA Exam tips, Essential Guide articles.

Case Law can be split into 2 different Categories. Case law basically means following what judges decided before (in identical circumstances) Common law. ACCA Modules ACCA consists of 15 papers, divided into four modules: Knowledge - 3 papers Skills – 6 papers Essentials – 2 papers Options – 2 papers (from a choice of 4).

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Which is the best ACCA Papers combination? Many students have problems choosing which combination of ACCA exams to sit. We have conducted a survey, and over a 1, students participated. ACCA Approved - F2 Management Accounting (September to August Exams): Study Text [Becker Professional Education] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

ACCA Approved and valid for exams from 01 Sept up to 31 August - Becker's Study Text has been approved and quality assured by the ACCA. ACCA Courses are offered by the leading ACCA Exam Review provider in, Lebanon, Morgan International in partnership with Becker Professional Education.

Acca f4 law notes 2
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