Cats in the cradle by harry chapin

He released his first live album, Greatest Stories Live. Chapin recruited a backing band through an ad in the Village Voice; the respondents included bassist John Wallace, guitarist Ron Palmer, and cellist Tim Scott.

Cat's In The Cradle

The song also became the number one requested song for a few weeks. Later in life, when the dad has time, the son has to work.

Harry Chapin - Cat's In The Cradle Lyrics

His son Josh is involved with the foundation, along with family members. It sold over 1 million units. Chapin had co-operated before his death with the writer of the biography entitled Taxi: Its success was due to the top 25 Billboard Hot hit single, " Taxi ".

However, Elektra Records underwent a management change and gave almost no promotion for his later albums with Elektra, but they all sold at leastunits each and charted successfully.

Late inhe released On the Road to Kingdom Come, which spent a mere six weeks on the charts.

Cat's in the Cradle

The album has been described as his fastest breaking album. The album was an international success, selling over 1 million units. It became the number one requested song for 10 weeks in a row. Chapin was taken by police helicopter to a hospital, where 10 doctors tried for 30 minutes to revive him.

The contract was one of the biggest of its time. Career[ edit ] Early music career [ edit ] Inthere was a bidding war between music business heavyweights Clive Davis at Columbia and Jac Holzman at Elektra over Chapin. The album produced another international hit, " WOLD ". Chapin began performing with his brothers while a teenager, with their father occasionally joining them on drums.

The Lakeside Theatre at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, New Yorkwas renamed Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre during a memorial concert held one month after his death, as a tribute to his efforts to combat world hunger. When the boy is ten years old, the dad gives the boy a present for his birthday, but again unfortunately, the dad still must work a lot -- he still has many responsibilities.Harry Chapin, Soundtrack: Last Vegas.

A singer/songwriter and activist for many charitable causes, especially in the realm of ending world hunger, Harry Chapin never let the often lukewarm reviews of his music-making abilities phase him and as a result of his strong folksy persona, the fans he made stuck by him throughout his career and continue to this Dec 07, Lyrics to 'Cat's In The Cradle' by Harry Chapin.

My child arrived just the other day / He came to the world in the usual way / But there were planes to catch. The album's success was benefited by the number-one single "Cat's in the Cradle," a song about an inconsiderate, career-oriented father that was based on a poem written by Chapin's wife.

The Night That Made America Famous opened on February 26, Harry Chapins “oldy but a goody” Cats in the Cradle is an extremely touching super song with an enlightening beat.

Harry Chapin

The lyrics is all about a father (AKA Harry Chapin) who puts his family and son aside for his job and money. Cat's In The Cradle lyrics by Harry Chapin - lyrics explanations and 7 song meanings.


My child arrived just the other day, / He came to the world in the usual way. Check out Cat's In The Cradle by Harry Chapin on Amazon Music.

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Cats in the cradle by harry chapin
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