Essay on natural disasters earthquake

Faults created by the volcanic activitiy are filled up by the strong earht surface movement which causes tremor. So inured are we to the annual phenomena of floods in season, that one more village practically washed away by a flash flood causes no more than a ripple.

The country receives an annual precipitation of million hectare meters. The data is transmitted acoustically to a surface buoy which then relays it over satellite to the warning centre. There is a need to focus and develop a plan that would focus on disaster management planning for prevention, reduction, mitigation, preparedness and response to reduce life and property due to natural disaster.

Ships of merchant fleet have meteorological instruments for taking observations at sea. When nearly people were killed when massive landslides washed away the entire village.

Essay on Earthquake

Is there anywhere that is safe from natural disasters? The Himalayan region has been the site for great earthquakes of the world of magnitude greater than 8.

Natural Disasters on Earth: Essay on Natural Disasters (9069 Words)

Given the damage caused by disaster, planned expenditure on disaster management and prevention measures in addition to the CRF is required.

The Disaster Management Act, was enacted for establishing requisite institutional mechanisms for drawing up and monitoring the implementation of disaster management plans, and for undertaking a holistic, coordinated, and prompt response to any disaster situation.

The guidelines will cover the following aspects in the Eleventh Plan: Disaster management may not be directly associated with planned financing, but number of schemes are in operation, such as for drought proofing, afforestation, drinking water, etc.

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For example, even though it is known that this intense seismic activity is a result of the north-northeastern movement and under thrusting of the Indian plate, it is not known what fraction of the strain energy is being released by earthquakes along the belt.

About 30 million people are affected by flood every year. Severe windstorms with high level of flush rain often called thunderstorms associated with lightning, hail and tornadoes cause massive destruction of properties and also human lives through out the world.

The use of arches to span over openings is a source of weakness and should be avoided unless steel ties are provided. Developing a Stronger Plan: The volcano likes Mt.

Natural Disasters Essay

Disasters in History What happened and when: A tsunami that occurs metres deep in water has a speed of km per hour. Eleventh Plan Strategies and Initiatives: But the change of total energy of the tsunami remains constant. It gradually diminishes with reduced aftershocks.

These beams are shot from an observatory to a geostationary satellite in space.Natural disasters in Australia Natural disasters are events that occur naturally such as earthquakes, cyclones, Storms, and floods.

Cause & Effect Essay: Natural Disasters and Their Causes

These kinds of disasters can cause significant physical damage, interruption of business services and personal injury/loss of life. Natural Disasters Essay Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events caused by environmental factors that injure people and damage property.

Earthquakes, windstorms, floods, and disease all strike anywhere on earth, often without warning. English Essay on "Natural Disasters on Earthquake" Earthquake is one of the most terrible natural disasters. Its source can be traced to the early days of earth formation.

It is responsible for a lot of damage to living and non-living beings. Earthquakes are another common natural disaster that can cause many fatalities. The movements of the plates in the earth’s crust cause them. These plates do not always move smoothly and can get stuck, causing a build-up of pressure.

It is when this pressure is released that an earthquake occurs. Mar 11,  · possible to predict most natural disasters and minimize their consequences, major social impacts still have been seen over recent decades.

Essay on Natural Disasters

In this essay, a natural disaster is defined as a naturally occurring event that exerts adverse effects onto human society, including those caused by geological factors and. Examples of natural disasters are Earthquakes (Haiti ), Tornadoes, Tsunami, Hurricanes, Wild Fires, Winter Storms, Heat waves, Mudslides and Floods.

Regardless of what kind of disaster occurs, bottom line, everyone needs to be prepared mentally and physically to deal with the aftermath.

Essay on natural disasters earthquake
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