Handsome is that handsome does

Thus they lived for some days, until in their wanderings they met with a fox; the boy was on the point of adjusting his bow, when the fox cried "do not shoot me, and then I will give you one of my cubs, who will be useful to you," so taking the cub the boy continued his way. Then the giant set off in pursuit of the boy, who, when he saw the giant, like a moving cloud in the distance, knew that his sister had disobeyed him, and set the giant free.

Climbing a Handsome is that handsome does tree, he waited the approach of the giant, who was soon at the foot of the tree, calling him to come down so that he might eat him up.

On reaching the tree from whence the noise proceeded they found only the gourd; so they began to cry, but by the aid of the traces of the ashes, found their home again. Handsome is that handsome does few days passed, and again the wife told her husband to take away his children; the second journey p.

When the giant saw him he called, "youngster, bring me a jug of water, for I am dying of thirst. When Nenna arrived from the forest, his sister was very loving and caressing to him; and after eating their supper they retired to rest.

Giving them some food, he disappeared amongst the thickets, and tying a hollow gourd to a tree, he returned by another way to his cottage. At length he reached a very fine carved steel Handsome is that handsome does, and opening it he found there, a huge giant, bound to the wall by three iron bands.

Next morning by daybreak, the boy was again ready to set out for the chase, but his sister fondling him, and showing signs of great affection said, "brother you amuse yourself in the forest, while I am alone all day! So they walked all day until evening, and seeing no signs of their home they climbed into a tree, and made themselves a bed amongst the branches, and slept until daybreak.

So one day she said to her husband, "your boy and girl are too lazy and good-for-nothing, you must send them from here, or I will not eat bread and salt out of the same platter with you again. The boy flung him his sheep-skin cap, and called to him to gnaw at that until he had time to sing a song.

On arriving at the four cross roads, the father bade them wait there for him, as he was going further into the forest to cut down some branches. When morning came, they again began their wanderings through the forest. This was what he sang.

Tell me so, for you have grown so dear to me, that I cannot live without you. Taking with him the young wolf, as well as the cub-fox, he went along. The boy overheard the conversation, and repeated it to his sister; so they took their precautions, and next morning they each filled a canvas bag, one with ashes, the other with malain p.

Thus saying, he set out for the chase, followed by his three young animals. At sight of her, the giant cried, "maiden, bring me a jug of water, and I will be of great service to you.

When the wind blew, it struck the gourd against the tree, and produced a sound like wood-chopping, so when the children heard this they said, "hark, to father, cutting wood! Entering fearlessly, the boy found in the lodge a bundle of keys; thinking that they were the keys of the palace, he took them and began to open the various doors.

The giant finding himself free, said to the maiden, "where is your brother? Giving her all the keys, he told her she might enter every room excepting the one with the steel door, but if she went into that one a misfortune would befall her.

Not content with thus ill-treating them, and seeing that they were better looking, and better behaved, than her own, she made up her mind to get rid of them. The girl had still some malain left, which she scattered as before, but this time rain fell, and made it into a paste, which was greedily eaten up by the little birds.

Seeing that he could not live in peace with his wife, he determined to take them to a greater distance, and on a road quite unknown to them. Soon he shot some birds, while his sister procured a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together and setting alight some dry branches.

handsome is as handsome does

Again the giant cried, "maiden bring me another jug of water, and you shall not have cause to repent it.The earliest known use of the proverb handsome is as handsome does is in Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Wife of Bath" (c) one of the stories/poems in his most famous work, The Canterbury Tales.

Looke who that is moost vertuous alway, Pryvee and apert, and moost entendeth ay To do the gentil dedes that he kan, Taak hym for the grettest. We love the sight of a handsome young man.

There is nothing wrong in beholding physical beauty in a platonic mood of mind. On the other hand, a person may be ugly or he may be unattractive physically. Jan 20,  · To me that would be "handsome is whatever handsome does" which has quite a different meaning to me than "handsome is as handsome does." One implies that whatever a handsome-looking person does is handsome, while the other implies that handsome should be judged by actions, not appearance.

You say handsome is as handsome does or pretty is as pretty does, to mean that you should judge someone by their actions and not by their appearance. Handsome is as handsome does, my mother and grandmother always said in order to prevent self-admiration.

Yes, she's pretty — but pretty is as pretty does.

Handsome is as handsome does

Handsome is as handsome does The meaning of term “handsome is as handsome does” is that the deeds of a person is more important that his outer appearance.

A person may be very handsome (or beautiful), but he will get love, respect and recognition in the society only if his actions display the traits of good character good qualities in his character.

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Handsome is that handsome does
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