How to write a definition essay on marriage

Societies evolved mannerism and method for selection of the spouses, according to their peculiar socio-economic and political conditions, and in accordance with their levels of cultural advancement.

Marriage creates new social relationships and reciprocal rights between the spouses. Thus, in this form of marriage, family is defined as happy family. There will be no jealously between the parents for looking after their children. This also leads to the problem of prostitution.

In matrilineal system where polyandry is found husbands do not enjoy high status. This gives rise to many immoral practices in the society. In some tribal societies where polyandry continues to exist may get extinct after a gap of few years.

Thus production and income increases, further there is no expenditure with regard to labour because all the husbands contribute their share of work.

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They are looked after well because there are many women in the family to care. They belong to different families.

More importance is given to husband by several wives. For example, among Todas of Nilgiri. Polygamy, like other forms of marriage is highly regulated and normatively controlled.

When all the brothers have one wife then the question of division of property does not arise. Marriage is the most important institution of human society.

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Variety of Sex Relation: But there are some attributes, which are similar in weddings all around the world. So where marriage is taken as sign of prestige and prosperity the custom of polygyny is natural.

Polygyny is a form of marriage in which a man has more than one.

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Monogamy is a marriage between one husband and one wife. Polygyny is found only in the patriarchal society where more importance is given to males and male member is the head of the family. In other words it is a form of marriage in which one man marries more than one woman at a given time.

One can manage easily to live a better life. Monogamy provides better status to women in the society. Polyandry helps to unhold the economic standard of the family. Polygyny does not promise congenial atmosphere for the proper growth and development of children. Concubinage is a state of living together as husband and wife without being married.

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It establishes the rights and the status of the children when they are born. If the number of people in the family will be limited there will be more love and affection in the family. Because of one wife children in the family will be limited.

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Some people ignore this common tradition and show themselves as originals — thus, everything depends on your character. Husbands feel jealous of one another which adversely effect congenial atmosphere of the family.

Consider the word limit of your essay before you begin writing. There is no fixed age or season when a couple has to marry — it is up to people to decide.

In this way there is better adjustment between them. The above discussion helps us to conclude that the boundaries of marriage are not always precise and clearly defined. There seems to be, however, a consensus that marriage involves several criteria that are found to exist cross-culturally and throughout time.

The desire for variety of sex relations is another cause of polygyny. Marriage and family sociologically signifies the stage of greater social advancement. With large number of males working after the family affairs, other members of the family especially women and children feel quite secure.

So monogamy effects the economic condition of man and woman.Marriage is traditionally seen as a union of two loving hearts. Two people make a decision to marry and further become one family.

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'Marriage' can refer to a legal contract and civil status, a religious rite, and. Unit as a whole has a new meaning and not one that most people need anymore. Writing a Definition Essay In a definition essay, you explain the meaning of a certain term by giving a detailed description of it, and support your definition with clear examples or facts.

Such explanations are needed if a term is special, abstract, disputed, or does not have a common meaning. Definition Essay - The Evolved Definition of Community Words | 3 Pages.

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Definition Essay- The Evolved Definition of Community The definition provided in The American College Dictionary from says “a group of men or women leading a common life according to a rule.” I never really viewed community in this manner. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is your essay on marriage, it’s meaning, functions and forms!

Introduction: Marriage and family sociologically signifies the stage of greater social advancement. It is indicative of man’s entry into the world of. Help Me Create An Interesting Marriage Definition Essay: Tips To Get A Good Grade.

A definition essay is perhaps one of the easiest forms of academic paper to understand. Essentially, you will need to take a specific topic to write about, and simply define it in as much detail as necessary. Definition essays can be used to define a wide range of .

How to write a definition essay on marriage
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