Identifying the seven ancient wonders of the ancient world

Because of the lack of evidence it has been suggested that the Hanging Gardens are purely mythical. The seven wonders of Greco-Roman antiquity inspired the compilation of many other lists of attractions, both natural and man-made, by successive generations.

The statue stood for only 56 years until the island of Rhodes was hit by an earthquake in BC, destroying much of the city and causing the statue to break off at the knees and topple over into pieces. To celebrate their victory, the Rhodians sold the equipment and used the money to build a huge statue, to their sun god, Helios, called the Colossus of Rhodes.

Sculptures by renowned Greek sculptors such as Polyclitus, Pheidias, Cresilas, and Phradmon adorned the temple, as well as paintings and gilded columns of gold and silver. The best known are those of the 2nd-century-bce writer Antipater of Sidon and of a later but unknown observer of the 2nd century bce who claimed to be the mathematician Philon of Byzantium.

See Article History Alternative Title: It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World whose exact location is still unknown. The first layer was a foot base of steps, followed by a middle layer of 36 Ionic columns and a stepped, pyramid-shaped roof.

What are the seven wonders of the world?

In his right hand sat a life-size statue of Nike, the winged goddess of victory. The lighthouse was gradually destroyed during a series of earthquakes from to Form or variation of something Reduce: It was the home of priests and priestesses, musicians, dancers, and acrobats.

The lighthouse was probably about feet tall. Some of its remains have since been discovered at the bottom of the Nile.

The Grand and Sacred Temple of Artemis The Temple of Artemis once stood as a magnificent structure three to four times as large as the Parthenon in Athens in the ancient city of Ephesus.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The most fabulous of these structures were two marble temples built around B. Colossus of RhodesColossus of Rhodes, constructed c. Place of worship Version: A series of several altars and temples was destroyed and then restored on the same site in Ephesusa Greek port city on the west coast of modern-day Turkey.

Pyramids of Gizathe oldest of the wonders and the only one of the seven substantially in existence today. In some descriptions, it is recorded that a huge statue, representing either Alexander the Great or Ptolemy I in the form of the Sun God, Helios, stood on the top of the lighthouse.

The size of a four story building and seven times the height of an average man, it was the tallest statue of the Mediterranean world. Today the site is little more than a ruin.

Seven Wonders of the World

Something like that is how the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World started. Statue of Zeus at Olympia The famed statue of Zeus was crafted by the Athenian sculptor Phidias and completed and placed in the temple of Zeus at Olympia, site of the ancient Olympics, around the mid-fifth century B.

Much of the Temple of Artemis remained undiscovered until when a team of British Museum archaeologists, led by John Turtle Wood, found the remains and foundations after a seven year long search. Colossus of Rhodes The Colossus was an enormous bronze sculpture of the sun god Helios built by the Rhodians over 12 years in the third century B.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Most Magnificent Monuments of Antiquity

He is reported to have constructed the gardens to please his homesick wife Amytis of Media, who longed for the plants of her homeland. It was never rebuilt.

The site where the gardens would have been is in Al-Hillah, Iraq.

Sevens Wonders of the Ancient World

A video all about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world covering the sculptures and architectural monuments of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions.The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were a collection of remarkable constructions listed by various Greek authors, including Antipater of Sidon and Philo of Byzantium.

The classic list featured seven wonders located in the Eastern Mediterranean. 1. Great Pyramid of Giza. Built between BC and BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only surviving ancient wonder. OTHER WONDERS.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were, by no means, a comprehensive agreed-upon list of the most impressive structures of the day. Rather, the list was very much like a modern-day tourist pamphlet informing travelers on what to see on their trip.

After a six-year-long global voting process (that reportedly included one million votes), the "New" Seven Wonders of the World were announced on July 7, The Pyramids of Giza, the oldest and only Ancient Wonder still standing, are included as an honorary candidate. Most of the original ancient wonders no longer exist.

More than 2, years ago, many travelers wrote about incredible sights they had seen on their journeys. Over time, seven of those places made history as the "wonders of the ancient world." Today only the Pyramids of Giza still stand.

Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid is the only one still standing. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Imagine a great garden built on. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a list of man-made constructions that date back to classical antiquity.

These seven wonders were based on popular guidebooks that.

Identifying the seven ancient wonders of the ancient world
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