Leadership analysis on howard shultz

He even entitles them with comprehensive health insurance and an option to own stocks, part-time employees, included. He knows the importance of knowing employees and customers. This leadership style often encompasses a mix of Autocratic and democratic leadership, autocratic in the sense that the entire team is driven by the same goal and given tasks but allowed to speak out and give opinions and contribute to the company.

Case in point, instead of reprimanding a worker for granting an interview to The New York Times about work schedule, the company acted hours after the publication.

Leadership Strategies: Leadership style

Shultz also believes that employees have ideas to offer and it pays to listen to them. How Howard Schultz applied this: This is the type of leader Howard Schultz is and he ensures there is trust, respect, honesty and commitment in the company he is running.

This principle was elemental to the creation of Frappuccino. He believes in the importance of partnerships. This way, customers buying books can enjoy good reads over coffee. After a few days, there were positive results. It was an invented blend by one of his employees.

This is the vision of Starbucks. Being the inspirational communicator he is, he was able to convey his message and his managerial team came back more energized as ever. By being a charismatic leader, followers will be more adaptive to changes when the need arises. When he was interviewed by Oprah, he said that he likes coffee but that is not the reason why he went into a business related to serving it.

These factors include the appearance and design of the store. Transformational leaders inspire their team and encourage members to develop as individuals and be part of a collective team to work towards achieving objectives. The team of Starbucks also applies this with how they deal with suppliers.

Starbucks and Barnes and Noble joined forces and the latter allowed the former to set up stores within their shops in some locations.

Moreover, he listens to his employees. After he returned as CEO inhe had 10, of his managers go on a conference for four days in New Orleans, wherein he personally became the communicator-in-chief.

This is because he believes every place has its own preference and practices. Cherry Transformational leadership is defined as simply leadership built upon advancement of higher levels of moral and motivation. These allow members to voice out ideas and share their views without having the fear of being punished or reprimanded.

But wherever branch you go to, whether in New York or Seoul, you will always get the same perfect taste of that Mocha Frappuccino or Machiatto. Baristas give a personal touch to customers who are regulars and will usually know their orders.

Aside from identifying what customers need from other business channels, they are also contributing to the economic development of communities.

He takes real good care of his employees. Concept of Transformational Leadership: And there have been a miscommunication regarding an order made, employees will always rectify the mistakes made and replace the order.

Howard Schultz style revolves around motivation and inspiration of his followers. It exists to give its customers a place where they can meet up with their friends, hold meetings, do their work and have some relaxation time.

Inspirational Motivation — With enthusiasm and positivity, a leader will be able to motivate followers to become team players and dreamers that things are possible.

Starbucks has over 22, stores globally which offer different coffee blends, sandwiches and hot boxes, among others. Individualized Consideration — With accepting the differences among employees, a transformational leader know the importance of addressing problems of workers accordingly, mentoring and offering individualized career counseling.

This practice makes a customer feel special. Leader serves as a role model for followers, having their respect and trust.

He sticks with being consistent in delivering products and services.


On a regional scale, Schultz sees to it that every store he builds is designed accordingly, depending on location. According to a leadership theory formulated inthere are two leaders, transactional and transformational. Customers and employees are pillars of a business and Schultz and his team at Starbucks knows this.

He respects cultures and encourages diversity. His goal was to challenge and inspire his managers because he believes that companies need people with intuitive leadership skills. Intellectual Stimulation — Transformational leaders challenge members of the team to solve problems that arise and teach them to be creative and innovative by stimulating their minds.The reason for the successful longevity of Starbucks Cafes is due to Howard Schultz’s leadership that is an example of the collaborative style that incorporates a social view.

Schultz’s leadership is a sign of the times and displays what is needed in the modern business environment. There are many elements to the leadership style of Howard Schultz.

Schultz is a visionary leader, but is systematic with respect to how that vision is implemented. For example, Starbucks is based on systems to deliver consistency in its products and in the Starbucks experience.

An Exploration Of Leadership Style Of Howard Schultz Management Essay. Print Reference this. CRITICAL ANALYSIS: LEADERSHIP THEORIES AND SCHULTZ’S LEADERSHIP STYLE. Burns () introduced a theory on leadership that has had global implications for organizations.

At the heart of Burn’s argument was a. Nov 06,  · A Leadership Lesson From Howard Schultz. "The Age of Agile" was published by HarperCollins in I consult with organizations around the world on leadership, innovation, management and.

7 Howard Schultz Leadership Style Principles 08/30/ / in Careers / by Joseph Chris When it comes to one of the most successful businesses in the world, Starbucks will definitely be on the list, with its Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz on its helm. Leadership Analysis on Howard Shultz Words | 9 Pages.

It’s not coffee, It’s a way of life Being a leader seems rather simple by definition.

Leadership analysis on howard shultz
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