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The goal of treatment is to get the cancer into remission. Acute Leukemia must be treated immediately. CT Scan is a special type of x-ray used as a detailed cross section of a specific area of the body. One or more drugs may be used depending on the type of Leukemia.

There is also enough energy in nuclear plants so strict safety precautions are taken. Blood work is commonly done in the laboratory. There are many symptoms of leukemia. Chemotherapy is a treatment method in which drugs are given to kill off the cancerous cells.

In approximately 20, people died from Leukemia. To be considered cured, you must be cancer free for at least five years. In acute Leukemia the cancerous cells may collect around the central nervous system. Bone marrow is routinely tested to examine progress of the disease.

Approximately 25, cases were reported in alone American Cancer Society-leukemia, Some studies have shown that exposure to high-energy radiation increases chances of contracting leukemia. Exposure to some chemicals is also suspected to be a risk factor.

In conclusion, Leukemia can be fatal, but with early diagnosis, proper treatments, and a lot of luck, it can be put into remission. Most forms of Leukemia occur in the white blood cells.

Surgery is also occasionally used. Ultrasound is also used as a treatment follow-up. By learning the causes of leukemia treatment options will become available MedicineNet-leukemia, It is applied to the whole body before bone marrow transplants. With treatment options improving constantly, there may one day be a sure cure.

The treatment depends on the type of the cancer and features of the cells.

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Chemotherapy is given in cycles: Anticancer drugs are usually given by IV injection. Some research shows that exposure to electric magnetic fields, such as power lines and electric appliances, is a possible risk factor.For example, some children develop a form of leukemia referred to as childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Some believes that this disorder begins when the child is in utero, resulting from an infection. Paper Masters Custom Research Papers on Leukemia. Paper Masters writes custom research papers on Leukemia and provide research on this. I decided to write my research paper on Leukemia because my uncle who lived in Bend, OR found out that he had Leukemia.

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Research Paper On Leukemia Health And Social Care Essay. This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our. Leukemia strikes all ages and both sexes. In approximately 20, people died from Leukemia.

The all time five year survival rate is 38%. This rate has. Read this essay on Leukemia Cancer Outline. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. In this paper you will found out the difference between the two main divisions.

The first division is between chronic and acute forms which are grouped based on how quickly they spread. For example, in Japan, there are many cases. Free Essay: Leukemia is a cancer that affects the bone marrow. The bon marrow is the soft spongy center of the bone that produces blood cells.

Leukemia is. In this paper I will explain what leukemia is and what treatments you can choose from to treat the cancer. Leukemia is a type of cancer.

Cancer is a group of more than diseases that have two or more important things in common.

Leukemia paper essay example
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