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Blind Date

And how many blind dates can you say that about? This genre emphasizes Loose moose blind date the REAL moments onstage. Who is this person, she is Mimi, a French clown and she is on a scouting mission before the play.

Blind Date as post-dramatic theatre

You get to watch a person simply exist as they are. They are interested in allowing naturally funny moments to occur. Paul, but this time there will be back up.

Two people, an actor and an audience member, making each other look really good. That is after all the essence of acting.

In this sense, Blind Date is a hard play to review as each night is different depending on the man chosen to participate. A total fun night out. You will also witness a most Loose moose blind date human interaction. It is a testament to Northan and her company?

It is likely that someone will strike up a conversation with you. I do not mean a fellow audience member, or an usher or bartender, though that may also happen. Giving energy to your partner, knowing when to support them and knowing when to allow yourself to be supported by them.

But the basic plot direction is the same. So imagine trying to go on a blind date almost every night of the week for weeks on end. It also places a person who is not a performer in the spotlight. At least not the men in the audience.

She is trying to gauge who might be the right person to go on a date with her tonight. Knowing how to care for a person and make that care known. And for a first time out I thought Renee Amber did a very decent job.

Also, ticket holders should know, she will only pick someone who is willing to go on stage. The rest is gravy. Once her real blind date does not show up, Mimi picks an unsuspecting man out of the audience to be her new blind date for the duration of the play in what is surely the grandest example of improv meets good sportsmanship meets plain luck.

The chief goal is: But the stage is not the first time the audience has seen and heard from Mimi. Knowing how to be interested in that person and making that interest known.

Photo Claus Andersen Mimi is looking for someone who she feels she could talk to for a full evening, someone who sparks interest in her.

Running alongside the play part of the performance, is a dedicated time-out part of the stage that either Mimi or her male date can go to if either is feeling uncomfortable or needs to discuss how the narrative is going.

I mean someone with a French accent and clown nose might come up and be curious about who you are. This could mean allowing an improvisational experiment to unfold in real time or placing people who are not trained actors on stage. The interaction of a person taking care of another person.

Now imagine doing it in front of a live audience.

Blind Date – Review

And believe me, having seen a previous production of the show, much laughter does occur. Part of the beauty of the play is that you can watch a person interact with Mimi without the pretense of performing.Elsewhere: Blind Date (Charing Cross Theatre, The Cultch, Western Canada Theatre, (NYC), Charring Cross Theatre (West End)); North East: The Show (Loose Moose Theatre); A Blind Date with the Thousand Islands Playhouse Alicia Jessup -.

Blind Date. Loose Moose Theatre. August 31 – September 10, ultimedescente.com Blind dates, even the good ones, can. Loose Moose is an institution that has turned out many of Canada’s leading improvisers, including the team behind the CBC Radio hit “This is That.” “Blind Date” is improv, but it is improv of a different order.

Jul 31,  · Want to know what people are saying about Blind Date?! Coming to the Loose Moose Theatre Aug - Sept. ultimedescente.com Blind Dates – Stay Loose But Confident Don’t forget that a blind date can also be exciting, erotic and incredibly thrilling and you should be looking forward to it!

Don’t expect too much, that is, the love of you life - this way you won’t get disappointed. Don’t expect, on the other hand, getting slabbed by a mass murderer (which. "Blind Date" March 5th, Steve No comments I am slowly sussing out the limitations of how I post to this website (and, of course, my own limitations as a blogger, which are mainly a time constraint).

Loose moose blind date
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