My family and tennessee

The ducks were cool they came so close so I could have touch them, but I chose not to. We talked about what we did over the years and we also played some games.

On July, we left our home and we hit the road. We went to a park that had buffalos, ducks and sheep. Therefore, we called my uncle and he came and showed us where to go.

Also, I had been going to visit my family in Tennessee since I was four. Finally, we made it to Tennessee. There was fun and hilarious times, but the best the time was last year.

We packed up sandwiches, soda, some fruit, and my favorite tacos. It started to rain hard.

My Family Dentistry

When we made it from the forest, I somewhat hungry so we started eating so I straight headed for the tacos and then the sandwiches, soda to drink. When I was eating my fruit, I heard thunder and the sky was getting dark. While the grownups were setting up, we played on playground.

Every time when I go to Tennessee, I would talk to them, make fun of them for Jokes and help them with their problems. We love to hang out with each other every two years.

I was watching the ducks passing by and trying to find tadpoles. The thing was that we were lost and had no clue of where we were.

We found a duck, a beehive and a snake. It was getting cloudy, but it was always cloudy when we came to Tennessee.

Things to do in Tennessee with kids

Family is important to me because they will love me and help me with my problems even if theyre bad enough. We met the whole family from Tennessee and it was fun meeting them.

Instead of going to the playground, I follow the path in the forest with one of cousin; his name is Jorge. My mom and dad wanted a nice relaxing vacation with our uncles, aunts, and cousins at Tennessee because it has been almost two years and a lot can change over two years.

When the time was worst, it got better. After we left, we went home and Just talked about more family stories. By fllibertoc Related Essay Paragraph: We ran all the way to the picnic table. When we were at the playground I heard thunder, but I thought it was a firework. We set up the picnic under a sort of a house.

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My Family and Tennessee

My Family and Tennessee My family is very different from others. We love to hang out with each other every two years. There was fun .

My family and tennessee
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