Professor x in the basement of the ivory tower essay

By using asyndeton in this instance, he creates the effect of constant attempts to teach the students, whom are all night students coming from a full time job and other responsibilities.

X finally expands further on the point that the college education not being for everybody with his use of an anecdote with the story and experiences of Ms. His elitist attitude regarding his role in deciding who should or should not occupy precious space within his institution is carried throughout the article.

The environment he describes by employing imagery is done so to have his readers see and feel the discord of the environment further proving the struggles and difficulties he has in teaching them and the students in learning from him.

In fact, Professor X has become skillfully adept at criticizing his students and the system, yet expects unmitigated acceptance of his own personal and pedagogical inadequacies.

Professor x in the basement of the ivory tower essay

Professor X acknowledges that his classes are comprised of older students, mostly working adults with familial obligations, who are several years distanced from high school. This is best seen with him describing how they "all show up for class exhausted from working [their] full-time jobs" and how they "carry knapsacks and briefcases overspilling with the content of [their] hectic lives He has lost sight of the fact that he is teaching the aptly named Introduction to College Writing and that his underlings could benefit from remediation.

By using the anecdote, he has his readers understand his own questions about what to do with her as a student. Assuming a large section of his readers also have a full-time jobs and also have busy lives as well, he intends to have them empathize with their situation in trying to teach and to learn in addition to their "hectic lives".

He adds on by writing: L serves as a big example of the college education not exactly working out for everybody and also being stuck in a rut of trying to reverse or better their past "mistakes" or experiences.

The professor is a prolific writer with natural talent who perfected his prose over many years of formal education, but his unrealistic expectation of collegiate-level composition from students who have likely not written critically for a decade or more is overly-ambitious.

He has little self-respect, and even less for his students. They are not ready for high school, some of them, much less for college. L and her lack of ability in writing a "college" level essay as she puts it. X applies the rhetorical device of imagery as well to have his readers be able to relate to the environment both he and his students are in.

Hyde surfaces to chastise them for having little time or desire to read outside of class. Indeed, Professor X believes that not all are suited to attend college and that a great many who do, have no business being there.

The rooms in which we study have been used all day, and are filthy. Jekyll is sympathetic toward this group of adults trying to juggle the demands of home, family, work, and school, then Mr. While Professor X makes a valid argument that many students enter college woefully unprepared, his pervasive cynicism and negativity reflect an unrecognized arrogance that lead me to believe that his issues extend well beyond the classroom.

We pile our trash daintily atop filled garbage cans. L as he suggests in her attempt to redo her life, ultimately, it comes down to the fact that all the students are also struggling and trying to pass the class and obtain the "college education" in addition to their own hectic lives.

Candy wrappers litter the aisles.

Professor X in the Basement of the Ivory Tower

He describes how she was unable to write, manage "modern-simple" tasks such as using the Internet, and also her confusion regarding topics to write about and therefore having to consult with him multiple times. Although I understand why Professor X is disillusioned by working within a flawed educational system teaching those unwilling or unable to perform to his standards, I disagree with his contention that community colleges are dumping grounds for the functionally illiterate.

He judges his typical class of mostly nontraditional students harshly and I suspect well before he reads a word they have written.

He depicts them as uninterested, unmotivated, and stops just short of calling them unintelligent, though the implication is thinly veiled. He makes it clear with his own experiences with the college students who are often forgot about in the media. He reveals his true self while telling the story of Ms.

While some readers may empathize with Ms. He is keenly aware of this, yet expresses surprise at their collective unpreparedness. I knew it that first night in the library. He contemplates giving her a C- in her efforts to continue trying, but concludes how unfair it would be for the other students if her were to do so, and so fails her on her assignment.

X describes his own actions in this instance to try to get his students to absorb the information and think critically about literature, but ultimately, despite his efforts, he ends up "los[ing] faith in the task".

He would like us to believe that these students are only in college because of some vocational mandate rather than a genuine desire for personal betterment.In the article “In the Basement of the Ivory Tower”, the pseudonymous author, Professor X, declares the widely-held notion that college is for everyone to be a farce.

Professor x in the basement of the ivory tower essay. Expanding on his controversial Atlantic Monthly essay, “Professor X” assails the ill-considered optimism that encourages unprepared students to assume crippling debt to get college degrees they don’t really need.

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AN INSTRUCTOR AT. Leggi «In the Basement of the Ivory Tower The Truth About College» di Professor X con Rakuten Kobo. A caustic expose of the deeply state of our colleges-America's most expensive Ponzi scheme.

What drives a former English. Sep 24,  · Blog Archive (41) (41) November (5) October (9) September (24) In the basement of the ivory tower: Rick Retkowsk. Free Essay: Amanda DeFrehn Professor T.J. Boynton English 1 April In the book, The Old Weird America, the author, Greil Marcus, interprets Bob.

Professor x in the basement of the ivory tower essay
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