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Lastly are the media types; the has a DVD-Rom just like what is in all newer modeled consoles today. Customers might not want to Ps3 and xbox 360 essay the higher priced system for fewer graphics and spend money on a console that does not have a lot of options in different packages. While PowerPC does the a lot of good the cell processor is made to outshine its competitor.

Here is a list of the differences so one can see for oneself. There are a lot of things to consider when looking to comparing these consoles together. As one can see there are several differences to these next generation consoles.

The Xbox and all its content is extremely under priced. Video RAM is what makes the video frame rate fast so the picture does not look torn and choppy. Playstation 3 Many people have bias opinions on the Xbox versus Playstation 3 topic.

It seems like developers did not use any extra time to polish up the graphics for the PS3. Gamers would expect the PlayStation 3 to ship with several games that first appeared on the Xbox because of the time difference. These topics were enough to keep people talking about the next generation consoles until their final release, but only one side of the gamers questions where answered by the release of only one console, the This gave the gamers a better understanding of the over the PS3.

The thing that makes games worth playing is the graphics of the consoles and how they make the game feel life like. Many of the consoles differences come from their performance. Gamers soon find out, within the next generation consoles, that performance is an important issue.

The main topics people were talking about would be the differences in performance, graphics, and prices. Gamers everywhere would compare the next generation consoles together to see what the better buy was. As was expected the PS3 did arrive with a good number of games that shipped for the Xbox earlier in the year.

The topic of which is better was in the air even before the consoles were released. Both the and the PS3 are known for the performance that they bring to the table. But many people found that the Xbox actually had better graphics in the majority of the games for both systems.

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Most of the performance goes hand in hand with another portion of the console, the graphics. While both of the consoles have these topics in common, they have more differences than people are aware of. The Xbox was released by Microsoft one year earlier than what the production group at Sony was expecting.

Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3

As said before the was released a year before its rival and the only good way to compare the graphics is to test a cross-platform game for both consoles.

This does not a help PS3 win over any gamers. This was a perfect opportunity for the customers of both systems to compare the graphics with several cross-platform games. Playstation 3 Xbox vs. The Xboxas some would say, is the "better bang for the buck".

The RAM that is installed in the Xbox is fast in mb compared to PS3 with mb, which is lacking in the speed department with its loading time. Gamers would compare everything that they could find out about the consoles.Oct 08,  · I'm writing a persuasive essay on the PS3 vs.

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PS3 Video game technology has made remarkable advancements over the last few decades. All aspects of new video game systems keep improving and the game play and graphics are more realistic than ever.

Xbox 360 vs Ps3

There are thousands of movies available to watch instantly on your TV screen through such devices as the PS3, XboxWii, and many more devices. Not everything is available for streaming, so i still use the mail quite a bit, albeit with a much smaller plan than the 8 disc behemoth.

Ps4 vs Xbox One Essay Words | 4 Pages. Comparison and Contrast Ps3 vs. Xbox Video game consoles have been in production since the early ’s, yet they were not very popular until Nintendo released the NES in the mid ’s. Read Xbox Vs. Playstation 3 free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Xbox Vs. Playstation 3. Xbox vs. Playstation 3 Many people have bias opinions on the Xbox versus Playstation 3 topic. The topic /5(1).

Ps3 and xbox 360 essay
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