Should people make more effort to

Privacy could protect people, for example, super heroes, such as spiderman. Little things will bother someone in this situation more than it normally would. What are some things that effectively keep people from being blessed happy content and fulfilled?

Some people are more senstiive to annoyance than others. Women worked in production factories to help the war effort. Although some people could argue against privacy, some things should be private.

With the emergence of internet and our blind sharing trends the situation is just lot more worse. By learning to be thankful and content in every situation until God changes it. Maybe they are unhappy in their life or have a lot of stress in their life for some reason.

They want more money of course. What makes some people more easily annoyed and easily irritated by small things than other people? If we are complaining we may have to wait a long time for the situation to change.

If the answer to those questions comes positive then definitely the person could be trusted with your private details,otherwise you must refuse him in a polite manner. Moral of the story: We must be open to any possibility which could occurno matter how less the probability is.

People should not hunt,because it will put the food chain out of balance. Sunday, June 30, Should people make more of an effort to keep some things private?

make effort/make an effort

For example,the bears are endangered. Either from high school, work, or other cases, from their experience, people believe that privacy can avoid the potential and unneeded drama, and lead them to a peaceful future.

For example, respectfully known actress, Julia Roberts, keeps her life confidential and secludes herself from public relations. It depends on the results you are going for. An old saying truly goes "Some things are best expressed if left unsaid".

Advance the way of living for people?

People grew gardens in their yards called Victory Gardens so the soldiers could have more food. So the other animal it eats,in this case the snake will over populate and eat up all the mice. Just look at the Israelites, spent forty years in the desert because they complained. Is he going to make fun of me?

In just couple of yearsthe life style trends of people has changeddue to emergence of technology and internetpeople have begun to think the world as an open webthus sharing anything with everyone without caring about consequences.That is an important question.

My answer is YES, specially if someone is talking about delicate things. But for me it doesn't mean that private things should keep it quiet, if not is to choose properly how/what/where/with whom someone should develop ideas. People should not make an effort to keep things private.

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Making an effort to keep things private and unsaid implies secrecy and promotes conformism. It can also help generate a culture built of repression and unsaid things. Dec 12,  · Given that "make more effort" is correct, "make effort", rather than "make an effort/efforts", should be correct.

Nevertheless, "make effort" seems to be unacceptable.

make effort

I am wondering why such an inconsistance happens. People should make an effort to keep their lives more our society progresses further into this technological age, we are able to do things never thought possible years ago. Sadly, there are unforeseen downfalls such as: hacking, scamming, identity theft and forging.

Should people make more of an effort to keep some things private? When elders, tell you to “be careful who you trust,” you should most likely listen to them. Parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, only want the best for their children, so they try.

What are some things that giraffes do to make people say wow?

Sep 25,  · Best Answer: ABSOLUTELY, they should!!!! Modern technology has made it possible to be in contact all the time, informing everybody what you are up to. Sites such as Facebook, twitter, blogs enc encourage people to spill the beans about themselves all the Resolved.

Should people make more effort to
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