Spanish educational system

Concertado schools actively encourage parental involvement, but generally parents find there is more opportunity to meet with teachers in Spanish state schools. The methodology of teaching is calledpedagogy.


On at least one course the subject matter has been revised. You may go to Spain by walking, driving, flying,or going by boat, it depends on where you are and what you can afford. There are an increasing number of such international schools throughout Spain which offer a British style education to either A-level or the International Baccalaureate.

Education System in Spain The system of education in Spain is essentially broken down into five levels: The most popular courses of study at the public universities demand the highest cut-off grade for admission, while at private universities cost is typically the only determining factor—in other words, the most popular courses cost the most money.

Religion Religion normally includes teaching of the Catholic doctrine.

The Spanish Education System

They are just teachers like the people they are testing Thank you. The teaching of religion in Spanish schools has been a source of conflict for many years. In some state schools Spanish children can find themselves in the minority, with a preponderance of either English or East European languages being spoken.

Uniforms are a fairly standard requirement in private schools. What is an education? During this time, students acquire more specific knowledge related to an area of study of their choosing: Earlier focus on oral traditions--from elders, during hunting and gathering age Industrial Age: It is the start of becoming integrated.

This is translated tomean Fundamental Law of Education which starts from age 6 to 16years. The public authorities guarantee the right of the parents to ensure that their children receive religious and moral instruction that is in accordance with their own convictions.

Provision depends on availability within the area where you live. Those topics mostly have being made by private academies where the people go to prepare the oposiciones and to study it. Attendance is totally optional and places are highly valued by most parents. The certificate given at the end of this stage is termed as Secondary Education Graduate.

Many schools are concertados, state funded up to the end of Primaria but purely private for the high school years.

Spanish Education System

However, some schools only teach elementary school K However, parents or legal guardians must pay for books, materials, and sometimes uniforms for their children. Teachers in Spain generally assume that parents will involve themselves in helping their children with homework.

Spanish Baccalaureate Bachillerato is non-compulsory, free education for students aged 16 to 18, which would be the last two years of high school in the U.

This used to be the norm; school started at 9am then a split day allowing for a minimum of a two hour lunch break. What is informal education and nonformal education? Like the Bachillerato, this stage typically spans 2 years, with the only requirement being the ESO certificate earned through compulsory secondary education.

Education in Spain

Teachers employed in the state sector including Concertados do not necessarily speak English and in any event lessons are not taught in English. Hi All you can do is take up engineering.

The public authorities shall inspect and standardize the educational system in order to garantee compliance with the law. Therefore, families have to pay for the first cycle of preschool, although there are aid programs for families in need.

What was the route to New Spain from Spain? As I have said before the best thing about Spain is the friendliness of its people.The English and the Spanish Education Systems 1 1. THE ENGLISH AND THESPANISH EDUCATION SYSTEM 3.


The Spanish education system

C HE ON O LGL SI YS S TH E M. The Spanish Education system has been subject to a number of reforms in recent years. Changes in Infant and primary education have been somewhat more successful to date than those in the secondary system.

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education system

Education System in Spain The system of education in Spain is essentially broken down into five levels: preschool, primary school, compulsory secondary education, post-compulsory secondary education, and tertiary education, which can include vocational studies or university education. Language & Education Languages of Spain, learning Spanish & the school system Health Care Registration, english speaking doctors, A&E, hospital etc Property Matters Property purchase & residency, pitfalls and property for sale.

Spanish Education System In Spain, the education regulating body is “Ministry of Education”. In Spain it is the “Law Of Education” that makes the regulations.

Spanish educational system
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