Stresses of prom

Will the suit or dress be expensive enough? Your teen needs to feel secure in making healthy, responsible decisions that you can help empower by talking about the consequences and dangers of underage drinking, substance abuse and unprotected sex.

Prom Pressure

Try a dress swap with friends or a vintage store. Were you the one in the bathroom sulking or throwing up -- or were you the person who had fun dancing with friends -- and maybe even helped those people whose nights went wrong? Shorter, slim skirts Small-chested: The emphasis on these things has become unbelievably exaggerated and shifted the focus away from the experience.

No one wants to spend prom night in jail or at the hospital after being pressured into drinking or doing drugs. Here are some ways to do that: The night will be more special if your memories are happy instead of regretful. Two slimming tips to adopt for life: Drink plenty of water, exercise at least a half hour a day, and increase your fruits and veggies.

Other strategies for looking prom-night gorgeous? Sit down with your date or friends to discuss costs -- and cheaper options. A neckline with dazzle or ruffles, or a full skirt Pear-shaped: Need to say "no?

10 Tips to Help Teens De-Stress About Prom

Extreme weight loss and work-out fads lead to failure and can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and poor body-image. Invite them to your house for an afternoon dance party, where everyone can try different moves and have fun.

Transportation can be as easy as the family car. If the person says no, you can move on. Make a deal with a friend to exchange funny looks, or put your funniest photo or ringtone on your phone.

Borrow clothes from older siblings or cousins. Or borrow a tux from an older brother. As a bonus, it makes your skin look fresh.

Plan ahead and experiment with store-bought tanning products. Even people who are looking forward to it can feel nervous. For more information, visit http: With all this pressure to look good, fit in and financially afford it all, the stress can become overwhelming, which may lead to short-term health and mental health complications.

Let the person down gently, rather than embarrassing him or her. This works the other way around, of course: For some people, though, prom can seem like just another reason to worry and feel stressed out.

Peer pressure is real and can be very intense. What would they change with a do-over of their own prom -- the answers may surprise you. Use a self-tanning lotion. A raised or "empire" waist and flowing skirt Full figure:You shouldn't create unnecessary stress about prom.

“In reality, the prom is just one of many memorable moments in a teen’s life,” she says. She advises parents to convey to their kids that the main purpose of the prom is to have fun with friends and celebrate the end of the year. Prom can be, and should be the fun event that most teens look forward to in high school.

The stress and pressures are optional.

Parents can help by guiding their teens to focus on the experience of prom with friends, making shared memories that will last a lifetime. Prom, a four letter word that can either induce excitement or anxiety for teenagers everywhere.

Prom means a lot of things. First, there's the stress of getting your dress, the staple part of your night (besides your date, of course). The planning of prom details should begin taking place two months prior to prom.

Slideshow: 12 Tips for a Stress-Free Prom

The first thing you should do is begin looking for a dress. The first thing you should do is begin looking for a dress. Prom: Fun, Stress — or Both? Prom can be one of the most important events in your high school experience — a special night to look forward to for months.

For some people, though, prom can seem like just another reason to worry and feel stressed out.

Stresses of prom
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