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In the 7th day of April,an environmental performance was held at the Father Saturnino Urios University Gymnasium to make the town people of Butuan City aware of what is happening, hopefully to awaken their sense of judgment.

A plantation of Bakauan, covering Kolambugan Sibagat, ADS; 2. This, in turn, will result in the loss of soil high plant nutrients. The discontinuance was aggravated by a misunderstanding among barangay and tribal leaders during the implementation of the project. Also, the runoff of the excavated soil also affected the turbidity of the water in the watershed.

One of the two major stakeholders is the BCWD for the potable water with water rights of 1, liters per second and the second stakeholder is the National Irrigation Administration NIA with waters of liters per second as source of irrigation.

The brush land covers Wildlife disturbance, resulting in from Road operations has its own magnitude. Fourth, The visitation shall only be limited to the following areas: All of which were done live.

Roger Patanao and Mr. Grassland areas shall be forested while Mangrove areas shall be subjected to bakauan plantations.

Taguibo Watershed Essay

This is the desired social impact for Taguibo watershed issue River Watershed. Fishkill phenomena will always be a threat as water-borne pollution is brought downstream to the estuary. Third, the team shall be purely fact finding in order to determine whether there are really activities of illegal road construction and illegal timber cutting.

Strengthening of existing reforestation programs; Intensification of forest and fire-protection program especially in the area containing second growth forest through the people-assisted protection system with a community incentive component; Continuation and intensification of IEC Information, Education and Communication; Campaign on the adverse effects of improper farming practices to reduce erosion and improve land productivity; Development of institutional capability for watershed development and management; and Development of institutional capability to extend technical assistance to people residing within the watershed and, if necessary enter into joint ventures with private sector co-operators in watershed development.

Save Our Taguibo Watershed

Thus, little amount of groundwater is expected in the upland, except in areas where limestone is underlying since high infiltration takes place. A bamboo plantation will be established along riverbanks within the watershed covering a total area of The plans and programs should, at the minimum, include the following: Due to the loss of forest species, there will be a decrease in infiltration rates, soil moisture levels, and evapo-transpiration.

These mining activities have slowly but seriously damaged the Taguibo River Watershed. A logbook was showed by Mr.

Cimatu orders massive tree planting in watershed areas in Caraga

Barangay council sessions and assembly meetings will provide feedbacks and impressions of local people on the progress of the project.

The Composite team recommends that Mr. Agro-forestry plantation shall be established in high erosion risk areas to ensure soil upkeep and stabilization. Therefore a consistent management is required with improved watershed technologies and practices which will be set to provide the continuous flow of benefits to a greater number of people, as well as to the future generation.

The prawn farms around the Agusan River estuary provide the largest share of the export volume of Tiger prawns from the Philippines. One of these many precious minerals is Manganese.

Knowing more about manganese, one can conclude that it is important in our lives but it can also be harmful to us when not handled properly.

Lastly, for their safety, the Philippine National Police PNP will escort the team during the conduction of site visitation. The said activity was undertaken without the following: Along the way, markings on the area elevation of the watershed were found.

A meter buffer zone from the boundary of the watershed area is also being insisted Taguibo watershed issue. Approximately MT of newly extracted manganese ores were found in the sorting area, areas 7, 9 and 6 Area 7 is one of the abandoned mining areas of the Associated Mining Corporation ASMINCO which had long stopped due to low cost of manganese in the world market; Area 9 is a place where the American Tunnel is located, another abandoned mining area; Area 6 is located outside the proclaimed watershed area but near its boundary.New York City Watershed Jose E.

Ortiz SCI Joanna Gress December 9, I have choosing an environmental report in my home state of New York. The environmental issue is the protection of the Catskill Water Supply System, completed inand the Delaware Water Supply System, completed in Issues and Concerns within the Taguibo Watershed The Taguibo Watershed is rich in biodiversity and other natural resources.

As such, in managing the Watershed area, several issues and concerns came up, to wit. “Mr. Secretary, the Taguibo Watershed has an area of more or less 4, hectares. Of these 4, hectares or so, only about a thousand hectares are left with forest cover.

And this watershed is our only source of potable water in the City of Butuan. The Taguibo Watershed must be planted with rich endemic species to improve the supply of water.“Secretary Cimatu told Alicer in his remarks at a ceremony held at the DENR 13 Learning Center in Barangay Ambago, Butuan City.

Taguibo Watershed Today The Taguibo Watershed Characterization Report THE IMPACTS OF TAGUIBO RIVER WATERSHED ON DIFFERENT ASPECTS Impacts of an unprotected watershed Taguibo watershed Issues place fear in different areas of concern.

Taguibo Watershed Today The Taguibo Watershed Characterization Report THE IMPACTS OF TAGUIBO RIVER WATERSHED ON DIFFERENT ASPECTS Impacts of an unprotected watershed Taguibo watershed Issues place fear in different areas of concern. The Impact is being shouldered by the different aspects of the community.

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Taguibo watershed issue
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