Texoil negotiation case

Stop and ask yourself whether the sunk costs are worth moving forward Status quo Bias Preference for the current state of affairs Natural inclination to go with the current or previous decision Example: Despite power advantages, rights-based opposition can be quite potent -Rights-based moves focus from a power struggle to normative expectations Coalitions can neutralize power advantages -they can generate and enhance OR neutralize power One size does not fit all -Just because something worked in one context does Texoil negotiation case mean it can be applied blindly in another Neoclassical Economics How individuals act within an economy Based on three assumptions But, neoclassical economics is not representative of how people actually behave Three Assumptions of Neoclassical Economics People have rational preferences Individuals maximize utility and maximize profits People act on the basis of relevant information Bounded Rationality Humans are limited biological systems with constraints -Limitations in access to information -Limitations in information processing calculating -Limitations in motivation to optimize satisficing Systematic cognitive biases emerge: This was perhaps the biggest event that determined the outcome of the entire negotiation.

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While I think Jackie did a good job overall, there were some things that I noticed could be done for Jackie to become a better negotiator. This essentially made the negotiation a distributive negotiation, in which whatever the other party would gain one party conceded.

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Negotiation Midterm

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I think the lesson is, if the opponent is doing something unexpected, stop and think deeply or take a break.

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Unfortunately, the way I framed the negotiation and handled the emotional process of negotiating resulted in failure. First, my partner and I should have listened more to the rep at the start of the conversation.

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As our positions became more solidified, the cordiality quickly disappeared. Time juarez that the in noise.- Reflection Paper: Texoil (from the point of view of the sellers) Planning for this negotiation was more difficult than the first negotiation in class.

The first negotiation had a point system; therefore I knew what the maximum, minimum and average amount points were. Title Length Color Rating: Summary of Getting Past You and No - Summary of Getting Past You and No (0) Introduction Each of us has to face tough negotiation with an irritable spouse, an ornery boss, a rigid salesperson, or a tricky customer.

Under stress, even kind. Camila Anderson Comas MGT – Negotiations, Spring Professor Taylor Carr Wednesday, February 14 th, Texoil Self-Reflection Paper Summary In the Texoil case negotiation I assumed the role of the Texoil representative.

As the Texoil representative my task was to negotiating with the service station owners in hopes to purchase their station within profitable means. 2 You must engage in a negotiation that you intend to follow through with if from 70 at Carnegie Mellon University.

Texoil Negotiation

One of the negotiations that we did this week was the Texoil negotiation. In this case, one person acted as the service station owner and one acted as the VP of Operations for Texoil. I had the part of the service station owner and Rob P. played the part. Business Negotiations Summary of My negotiation from the Opera-case and how I think it was different from other cases The Opera case was a case about relationship and reputation, it made the negotiation a little bit different.

We discussed the case in a more open way and were really honest to each other.

Texoil negotiation case
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