The advantages of using social media as an international student

Social media can enable students to easily contact each other with regards to school projects and assignments. Introduction Popular social media sites have become important channels through which individuals share news and information and manage social ties Ellison and boyd, ; Fox and Rainie, Facebook was the most widely used social media site among the international students with In this study, social media refer to a group of digital platforms that allow people to create and exchange user-generated content directly with other people Gray, et al.

Specifically, the higher the level of social self-efficacy and collective self-esteem, the higher their perceived level of social adjustment. For example bikers doing the unnecessary stunts, people doing the jump over the trains and other life threatening stuffs.

Survey questions for this variable covered their experiences with different aspects of adjustment to the United States e. But what exactly are they learning? Google Hangouts can also be saved for future reference, in case one of the students has a conflict and can not make the meeting.

Another disadvantage of social media is the possibility of hacking where personal data can be hacked and shared online. Previous research shows that individuals with higher self-efficacy tend to more actively use social network sites and participate in social gatherings Seo, et al.

Parents, teachers, and education researchers have been discussing the advantages and disadvantages of frequency of use and time spent on social media. These sort of resources can be used to setup class sessions where everyone can collaborate through video in real time.

Students become friends with their classmates on social media and are more likely to collaborate on projects. This enhances the likelihood that they will also spend time together working on projects and may not have to make time to meet in person all the time as the project progresses.

Hypothesis 2b Social psychology and social adjustment. The results of the hypothesis testing are shown in Figure 2 and Table 2. Sampling A total of 2, international students from more than countries were enrolled in a Midwestern university in Social media can be a distraction for some students.

Regardless of your location and education background you can educate yourself, without paying for it. About 20 percent of the students attended the university between three years and less than five years, and This will defeat the purpose of the medium altogether.

Social media include Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, web 2. In addition, Murray and Kennedy-Lightsey suggested that college students who lack self-esteem are more likely to experience the negative effects that accompany identity gaps.

How Students Benefit From Using Social Media

Conclusion The above studies show that research on the role of social media and social networking sites in academic performance of students is still unclear about the results. This can be decreased by constantly and regularly involving on the social media to connect with the right audience.

A national report on college students in the United States shows that 85 percent of college students had a profile on an online social network site such as Facebook as of Jensen and Peace, Despite all the advantages of social media, it is easy to see how toxic it can become and how the use of the platform can be used to do malicious things.

Digital communication technologies can potentially contribute to international students getting relevant social support and serve as a resource for both helping them stay connected with family or friends in their home country and making new friends or professional connections in the host country Kim, et al.

By taking into account demographic and social psychological characteristics of international students in the analysis, this study provides a more complete picture in understanding the relationships between social media use, social support, and social adjustment.

However, on the other hand it has also affected the society in the negative way. Do you want to learn how improve the photos taken with your Phone? Some of the common problems facing international students are language proficiency issues, new societal and cultural norms, academic differences, and financial stress.

Given the dominance of Facebook around the world Duggan, et al. It should be noted, however, social networks of international students in this digital media age are more complex and intertwined than the functional model suggested. More information on that can be found here https: Social media can also support engaging in detrimental behaviours because it glamorizes them, for example, alcohol, drugs and sex.

These studies indicate that social media have potential to help international students receive social support and better adjust socially and academically.Advantages and Disadvantages of social media Tabitha HUM/ May 7, University of Phoenix Advantages and Disadvantages of social media In today’s world, many people depend on the internet for news and entertainment, yet other people worry about how reliable it can really be.

Based on a survey of international students enrolled in a U.S. university, this study examines how social media use is associated with perceived social support and adjustment when demographic and social psychological characteristics are controlled for. "Students believe that by being able to communicate with friends/family via social media, they are less stressed, depressed, or homesick, and they believe that [social networks] have neither a positive nor negative impact on their GPA,” a draft of the report reads.

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Society

How Students Benefit From Using Social Media By Joseph Baker on February 12, A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be.

The Effects of Social Media on Student Performance Introduction. Effects of social media in education has been discussed and debated by educational researchers and social media researchers since the start of these platforms.

Lin et al. () found that out of the international students surveyed, 46% of students indicated a social networking site other than Facebook was their primary account.

DeAndrea et al. () discovered the social support gained through social networking use allowed new students to successfully adjust to academic study.

The advantages of using social media as an international student
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