The relationship between socrates and martin luther king

He would have stated how he would have disobeyed the law, because of how it was unjust. This alone could have made people change their views on Athenian society. It was an influential concoction of the reason behind the plight of African Americans at the times that served the purpose of inciting a revolution and thereby gain equality for a people that had been shut out of equality for centuries.

Socrates and Civil Disobedience

So, if Socrates does not accept his punishment of death based on the false accusations brought against him, why does he still drink the hemlock? Civil disobedience is necessarily calculated. The Apology of Plato.

Note how calculated the breaking of the unjust law has to be in order for it to be considered civil disobedience: He does not think it is right to disobey the law, just as it is wrong to disobey your parents because they are put in place to benefit you and do what is best for you.

Comparing Socrates to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay

Laws are like money; the value of them is not their actual worth, but the worth given to them by the people. While he claims to be perfectly content with the laws, he still vacillates between supporting the Athenian laws and standing up for what he believes in.

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, but how they decide to act on these opinions differ.

Indeed, Socrates seems resigned to his own fate. Where is the line drawn for just and unjust? He argues that since heas a citizen of the cityhas let ined its laws and then he must be ready and willing to pass judgment whatever punishment it would let down upon him.

In these themes, both King and Socrates critique religion, society, and politics all for the betterment of the nation. This is the purpose of direct action.

As suchto compare their views on unanimous beseech and the difference on the just and the unjust or arbitrator itselfwould offer hitting revelations. They both disagreed with the laws, but acknowledged their existence and the act of breaking them.

However, he knew his words would not be enough to sway the people. When Socrates was put on trial and convicted, he took his sentence because he had lived on the land and by these laws his whole life.

MLK on the other hand called out the politicians and segregationists and told them that they were wrong. In this statement by Crito, he proves himself to be ignorant of the Socratic definition of harm.View Essay - Plato and Socrates vs. MLKJ from PHI at SUNY Buffalo State College.

Platos Crito vs. Martin Luther King Jr.s A Letter from Birmingham Jail Socrates and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in%(6).

Nov 06,  · Contrast Between Dr. Martin Luther Jr. and Socrates November 6, by shaynasa Great thinkers such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates took it upon themselves to enhance their given societies with their unique perspectives on social change and through active attempts to influence others.

The relationship between Socrates and Martin Luther King The similarities between Martin Luther King and Socrates are so close that it's hard to imagine that either could have come up with their ideas alone/5(3).

Sep 20,  · MLK and Socrates- more different than you’d think September 20, by Daniel Fleshner Upon reading Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from a Birmingham Jail, as well considering the readings, lectures, and discussions about Socrates that I have been exposed to, it has become evident that they actually have very different methods of.

Comparing Socrates to Dr - Comparing Socrates to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Arguing King and Plato’s “Crito”

introduction. Martin Luther King, Jr. Two men are separated by two and a half millennia. Yet, these two, Socrates and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. could not be obscured by such a considerable span of time filled with the unfolding of great. Jun 04,  · Comparing Socrates To Luther King Running Head: analyze SOCRATES TO DR.

KINGComparing Socrates to Dr. Socrates further reasoned that significantly, this relationship between citizens and the laws of the city are not coerced (Social nonplus down Theory, He however dismissed the flavour that .

The relationship between socrates and martin luther king
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